Description Early registration 16th May- 30th Sept. 2017 Late Registration 1st Oct. - 21st January, 2018 On-site Registration
Ordinary Members N40,000.00 N45,000.00 N50,000.00
Trainee Members N35,000.00 N40,000.00 N45,000.00
Associate Members N35,000.00 N40,000.00 N45,000.00
International Delegate $150.00 $175.00 $200.00
Accompanying Guest N20,000.00 N20,000.00 N20,000.00
Pre-Conference (UNAPSA) Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Course
Pre-conference (PAN) Neonatal Resuscitation
Basic Life Support (BLS)/Paediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS)
N35,000.00 N100,000.00 N35,000.00 N100,000.00 N35,000.00 N100,000.00


Payment Details

Bank: Diamond Bank PLC

Account Name: UNAPSA/PAN LOC 2018 ABUJA

Account No: 0086262724


Dollar Account Details

Bank: Diamond Bank PLC

Account Name: UNAPSA  PAN LOC 2018 ABUJA

Account Number: 0090482657


For U.S. Transfers for Customers 

Citibank NA
111 Wall Street
New York
Swift: CITIUS33
ABA No: 021000089
Beneficiary: Diamond Bank Plc (SWIFT : DBLNNGLA), AC number 36151409
For further credit to  Account No 0090482657 (final beneficiary)
Name: UNAPSA PAN LOC 2018 ABUJA (final beneficiary)

For London transfers to customers

Citibank NA
Main Operations Centre
Lewisham House
25, Molesworth Street
London SE1 37EX
Sort Code: 18 50 08
Beneficiary:    (USD)  Diamond Bank Plc, AC Number 5530636 IBAN-  GB18CITI18500805530636
                      or (GBP)  Diamond Bank Plc, AC Number 10390100 IBAN-GB85CITI18500810390100
                      or (EUR)  Diamond Bank Plc, AC Number 8761124 IBAN-  GB18CITI18500808761124
                           (SWIFT : DBLNNGLA), 

For further credit to Account No: 0090482657 (final beneficiary)
        Name: UNAPSA PAN LOC 2018 ABUJA (final beneficiary)