Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure and delight that I invite you to the joint 14th Triennial Congress of Union of National African Paediatric Societies and Associations (UNAPSA), and the 49thPaediatric Association of Nigeria (PAN) Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference slated to hold in Abuja from January 24th– 26th, 2018.

The UNAPSA which was founded in 1979 as a Union of African Paediatricians and represented by their National Societies and Association has her primary objective of encouraging co-operation among National Paediatric Associations, and is made up of 34 member African countries. PAN is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit professional association of medical doctors who are specialists in the care of children. It is made up of Paediatricians, associate members, and resident doctors in training. The association which was founded in 1968 with a vision of a world where every child will be born with equitable and optimal chance to survive, grow and develop will be hosting this joint conference in Abuja.

The combined conference has the objective to propel and sustain a vibrant interactive forum for advocacy, intervention and communication on child health issues. At the conference, participants will overview human resources for tackling priority child-health concerns in African region, focussing on the recognition of the strengths of UNAPSA with the aim of potentiating collaborative programmes that can scale up child survival and development.

We thus consider as timely the conference themes which focuses on The Impact of Deprivation and Inequality on the African Child, and the various sub themes; Polio–free Africa: Opportunity for strengthening and sustaining Routine Immunization, Insurgency and Health of the African Child, and Technological Advances and Innovations for Reducing Childhood Mortality. These areas of concern will be deliberated upon with emphasis on the current   child health challenges in the light of the health status of Africa. It is our goal to effectively co-ordinate, monitor, improve and sustain PAN and UNAPSA’s contributions towards the optimization of child health indicators in Nigeria and African Region in general.

It is on this note that I once again invite you all to the Joint 2018 Conference in Abuja, the Nigerian seat of power. Abuja is accessible by air and road from across the country. On behalf of the Executives of UNAPSA, PAN and LOC, I welcome you all to a promising, interactive and rewarding Conference.

Thank you.


Dr. Adaora A. Okechukwu
LOC Chairperson.